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About It Came From Venus

Youíll see a very strange UFO in Betsoftís new story about a farm, in its brand new title, one of the best youíve ever seen from this ingenious software house. The gameís dubbed ďIt Came from VenusĒ and it takes you to a blooming farm of farmer Skeeter, which got hit by a giant Venus Flytrap that came from the planet Venus itself!

It Came From Venus information

Needless to say, the unlikely duo made up of the farmer and his new guest, the Venus Flytrap, becomes very fond of each other so you see them teasing each other all the time next to the slot machine. The quality graphics are really fast and without delays, so you get the feel like youíre watching a hilarious cartoon while playing a slot. The game itself is laid out on five reels and 30 paylines, with standard Betsoft coin denominations ranging from two to 50 cents. It also give you a chance to boost your bet and your winnings by placing up to 5 coins per payline. The payout rate is great in the game, mostly thanks to the numerous special features, which include random wilds with multipliers, free spins, stacked collapsing wins, an excellent bonus round and the best Double up feature youíll ever see! As for the symbols youíll find on its reels, they involve various farm-related symbols, the two main characters, and a mean military guy whoís after the giant Venus Flytrap! Of course, Betsoftís made sure that each of the symbols has an excellent cinematic performance whenever you win on it.

How to play It Came From Venus

This adorable game owes much of its charm to its special features, which also make it attractive for those among us who are in it to win it. To start with, itís worth mentioning the random wilds which carry a multiplier that may vary from 2x to 10x and thereby make your winnings much higher. Then, thereís the Feed Me free spins round, which will award you with 11 free spins whenever Venus Flytrap devours three food sacks which appear on the middle reel. A great additional feature during the free spins is a sticky wild, which will become activated whenever a sack appears on the middle reel, keeping the symbol wild for one or more spins. A real treat is the Double Up feature which you need to be careful with - once you try it, youíll be tempted to gamble all your winnings there - itís that cute! In it, the farmer tosses different items to Venus Flytrap, and you need to guess whether itíll catch them or not. The graphics, sounds, the whole idea is so great that even those who never gamble their wins should give it at least a shot. The feature will be available to you after each base game win, but not after free spins or the bonus round. Speaking of which, the bonus round, triggered by three or more helicopter symbols, is composed as a rescue mission of Venus Flytrap - in it, the mean military guy traps the giant carnivorous plant into a box, and transports it to his headquarters, while the farmer runs to its rescue and needs to find the right box in order to release it. Now, your task is to pick for the farmer, but thereís no need to worry if you donít make the right choice right away - for each miss, youíll get an instant prize, and the bonus round will end once you find the right box. Know that this round may bring you a very lucrative total by the end of it, which is why itís well worth waiting for. As if all this wasnít enough, Betsoft has included another feature into this fantastic slot - stacked collapsing wins, which will see any symbols that come stacked and occupy the whole reel collapse and award extra credit, which will be the same as a 3x symbol win for the precise symbol. Also, the cascade that accompanies it, brings more chances for an additional win.

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