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About Once upon a time

Once upon a time' is the magical formula which opens almost all fairy tales. Once upon a time Betsoft had decided to develop a slot machine inspired by this literary genre and chose this phrase as its title. You will not need long to realise that its theme is perfectly executed: its graphics are extremely well-rendered and seem to have come straight out of a 3D movie like the Shrek trilogy, for example. Its music is chosen carefully. It is at the same time symphonic, epic and cheeky, like a children's fairy tale. Very catchy, it concurs with the visualsto create a lovely and coherent universe. Finally, the symbols fit perfectly with the theme: a goblin, a dragon, a princess, a knight, a treasure chest and a banquet among other things. All is done, and well done, to please any fan of fairy tales. A few generalities about this game Once Upon a Time information

Once Upon a Time is a video slot machine with 5 reels and 30 payment lines, which offers rather special Wild and Scatter symbols. It also offers you the possibility to win free spins and to play 2 bonus games: goblin's treasure and save the princess. Another fun feature can also be launched. It is called the how she loved the knight instant credit win. A range of bets spanning from 0.02 to 150 credits. As far as bets are concerned, you can count on a wide range of possibilities for the value of each coin: 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50 or 1. It is also possible to bet from 1 to 5 coins per payment line. Therefore, high rollers should be enchanted to know they can bet up to 150 per spin. The symbol depicting a dragon is wild, but works in quite a special way. If you manage to get it on the top line on the third reel, you start a feature called fire starter Wild reel. During this feature, the dragon breathes out fire beneath him. All the items of the middle reel are then burnt and are turned into wild symbols which can change into any symbol in order to complete winning combinations. If the treasure symbol was found on the third reel, it concerns the wild wherever it appears for the next spin. The symbol depicting a bag of gold coins is quite a special scatter symbol, which allows you to start a Click me feature. In order to start it, you need to get 3 of these symbols anywhere on the reels. Then, click on them one after the other. You win money each time. How she loved the knight instant credit win

How to play Once Upon a Time

The knight symbol and the princess symbol can make you start the feature called how she loved the knight instant credit win. In order to do so, both items need to be side by side on the first, second or third reels. If you manage that, the two characters kiss. This beautiful show of love makes you win money.

Free spins

Get 3 symbols depicting a tree-house on a single activated payment line in order to win free spins. During these spins, if you once again get 3 tree-house items, you win extra free spis. These free spins are therefore re-triggerable. Goblin's treasure If you manage to get at least 3 goblin symbols on a single activated payment line, you start the bonus game called goblin's treasure. You then enter a castle and find yourself in a room which looks like a study or a library. You are playing as the green creature after which this feature is named and you can steal different artifacts which make you win money. Save the princess

If you manage to get 3 or more knight symbols on a single activated payment line, you trigger a bonus game called save the princess. You are then in front of a castle. The princess is kept prisoner in a cage by a dragon which is facing you. Your goal is to save the princess. In order to do so, choose your weapon out of the following options: a club, a catapult, a sword and a piece of meat. When you free the princess, you win money. With its two fun bonus games and its original features, the Once Upon A Time slot machine has all the ingredients to satisfy its players. Also, it has wonderful graphics, a good-quality soundtrack and a lot of animated sequences which give rhythm to this game. Therefore, this slot machine proves itself to be a great on-line casino game.

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