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About Crazy Monkey

Slot machine Crazy Monkey (Crazy Monkey) is a 3-ku most popular slots around Lesbian! This is not just a game, it's a real opportunity to make a lot of money your intuition! Online you can find many reviews of people who come to the casino with a few dollars, went to a fortune! Quite a lot of information and they are not made up. Crazy Monkey slot machine online gives the opportunity to improve their playing skills in free mode, which is very important for every player!

Crazy Monkey information

Crazy Monkey history goes back more than 40 years! The first slot machine appeared in the early 70-ies of the last century, and has caused a great stir among the thousands of people, many of whom previously did not gamble. The casino lined up a whole line! Crazy Monkey slot machine online as if possessed hypnotic properties. Standing in line with other devices, it was at times demand than other analogs! In the online casino online Crazy Monkey came immediately after the first game sites. Igrosoft company implemented a virtual version of all your achievements! Crazy Monkey interface resembles a real jungle. Between the vines are drums, cells which are pictures of various exotic animals. Play Crazy monkey fun. This activity is not tired even after a long stay in front of the monitor!

How to play Crazy Monkey

In order to run the drums need to select the denomination bets Bet button and the number of lines through a series of Line. Then simply press the Start! As you can see, the management of a slot machine Crazy Monkey is much easier than in the other slots? To call the reference data on the button click Help.

Bonus game

Bonus round in a slot machine Crazy Monkey online start, in case you have collected on the drums at least 3 images monkey. In it you will need to pull the strings that are tied to either the prize bananas, or the metal anvils, signifying the end of the game. The winning amount will depend on your intuition! At our online casino you can play Crazy Monkey for free and without registration!

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